The Dancehall/Reggae music industry is suffering a major setback which could be attributed to the negative "vibes" generating from the usually blissful Caribbean isles. I could spend hours debating the genesis of the problem (we've all seen the headlines); however, I choose to take this opportunity to highlight a very attractive solution: Gyptian! The quietly confident and extremely talented musician has managed to (with the support of his management, record label, and his fans of course) divert all attention to what's right with Dancehall/Reggae music. His enormously successful single "Hold Yuh" and equally popular reggae album (see Billboard Reggae Album charts) has launched him into the stratosphere and somewhat restored likeability and appeal to the music. Although it may be premature to suggest that Gyptian can single-handedly elevate Dancehall/Reggae music to the pinnacle its reached over the last two decades, at this moment he's leading the way back. Thank you Gyptian for the music. You've got the world's attention and we like what we're hearing!