Jenelle Alexia’s “Keira Discovers Her 

Talent” Breaks into Top 5 on Apple 

Books Kids Chart

Written by Lesley Hayles
May 4, 2023

​Fashion Designer and CEO of A’Legends, Jenelle Alexia, is on a high as she strolls into May with great success. Her second book, Keira Discovers Her Talent, has climbed the Apple Books Kids Chart and is sitting pretty at number 4 as of May 3, 2023.
Officially released on January 1 but wasn’t available in the Apple Books store until March 12, Keira 
Discovers Her Talent debuted at number 16 then it shot up the charts in only a week making it to number 10 by March 22. It is the hope that Keira Discovers Her Talent reaches the number one spot but number 4 still provides an amazing feeling. 

The book is somewhat based on 
Jenelle Alexia’s own life story, going back and forth between the United States and Jamaica, wanting to be a fashion designer and then living out her dreams by having her first fashion show in December 2022 called The Hidden Treasure Fashion Show, the winter edition. Billboard recording artiste Xyclone gave a compelling performance while Dancehall artistes Vershon and Delly Ranx were in attendance supporting. Jenelle Alexia will be staging her second fashion show on May 21 in her hometown of Philadelphia which will feature a performance by fellow Philadelphia native, also of Jamaican heritage, Mzs Quanny. 

May 4 saw Jenelle Alexia interviewed on Jamaica’s CVM at Sunrise morning TV program. She spoke about Keira Discovers Her Talent, what the reception and support from family has been like and had mentioned too that she expects the Ministry of Education in Jamaica to include her book in the schools’ curriculum very soon with plans for a book tour alongside her PR agent, Lesley Hayles, in various schools, book and stationery stores across the island. 

The fashionista 
will also be featured in The Jamaica Observer, Buzzz Magazine, Caribbean Elite Magazine, CMix Magazine, Bashment Sessions Magazine, JamWeekly Magazine and other regional periodicals. Jenelle Alexia is slated to be interviewed on the Int’l Stars podcast based in Boston by Dr. Empress Rose on May 13. She is also very close to opening an A’Legends boutique in Kingston, Jamaica and starting a “Keira” series of books. Her A’Legends brand will also appear throughout Vershon's latest music video released on May 5 on YouTube.

Though done in a kid’s format, 
Keira Discovers Her Talent is a motivational book that encourages children, parents and even teachers alike to follow their hearts and never give up on their future. Not only will it inspire anyone who reads it to do what they love but also be a motivation to chase their dreams and inevitably achieve their goals! 

The Apple Books-
charted Kiera Discovers Her Talent by Fashion Designer and CEO of A’Legends brand is available on all bookstore platforms including Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Amazon, Scribd, Goodreads and much more. Jenelle Alexia also has physical copies in her possession for sale and in New Jersey’s Culture Rocks clothing store at both the Gloucester Outlet Mall and Atlantic City locations along with her A'Legends fashion line. Get your copy today!

To pu
rchase Keira Discovers Her Talent, choose your favorite bookstore below:
Apple Books: Keira Discovers Her Talent – by Jenelle Alexia on Apple Books

Stay tuned to Jenelle Alexia’s Instagram pages and website for constant updates on what she’s got going on. 

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