Everybody's ranting about Jay Z's response to his and his wifey's trip to sanctioned Cuba - I thought I might break the lyrics down for those who might be in the dark about the whole incident - read on...

"I done turned Havana to Atlanta... ballin' till they ban us, getting to much bread they try to can us" - Jigga is taunting his flagrant amount of cash and the reality that he has absolutely nothing more to do with it, but create havoc in Communist Cuba

"Boy from the hood, but got white house clearance" - Hov is obviously feelin' himself here - basically stating, "what the fu* can ya'll do to me when me and the chief of staff down like four flats, huh..."

"Wanna give me jail time and a fine, fine let me commit a real crime"
"Let me get back to hustlin' like I been doin before ya'll gave me that record deal" and, and "I'm gonna promote the muf*a ya'll dislike the most simply because I'm mad" - Hov it ain't a good look

"I might buy a Kilo from Chief Keef - out a spite I just might flood the streets" - This that real low down isht right here - that hood mentality - If ya'll know your history - 2 dope boys have done that already aka Frank White (Blue Magic) that screwed up the very Harlem Jay claims as home and Rick Ross/The Real (Ready Rock) which corrupted LA and abroad #SMH

"I made millions off you f*ckin dweebs" Sean is seriously upset - he said it in so many words and pointing the middle finger - "I'm still getting money cause I'm the gatekeeper - Ya'll got the team, I got the building - ya'll can kiss Jigga's a**"

"Obama say chill you gone get me impeached... - you don't need this isht anyway, chill with me on the beach" - He references Presi Obama - puttin him out there - after all the ish Presi did to project a positive image - now this muf* who is an admitted dope dealer is saying, on record, that him and Presi chill together on the regular - you best believe "the man" is investigating this and a call for impeachment is in the works - Thank you Hov!

"Ya'll must wanna start a revolution - U know when I'm threatened I start shootin' - catch a body go to Houston" - again referencing violence - you can take ni**a out the hood, but the hood still in him

"The time of this talk is so confusing when it's in China the very mic that I'm using" - Hov got real deep then - "ya'll focusing on me & Cuba when you can't control the problem of outsourcing jobs" - subtlety is not Jigg's forte

"The world's under new management - the new role model f*c this Zoolander isht"
We don't talk about the 'nati' no more, but what new management is the world under, huh - are rappers running the world now - Hov must not understand that the luchi he has is only a minutia percentage of what's being circulated - he needs to learn today!

I think I'm going to post the audio!