International Women's Day is a fitting day to reflect on the resilience of a woman. Throughout history we've been beset by disappointments, abuse, and neglect; nevertheless, we've risen above the turmoil and we continue to soar. Today, I salute every woman from the late phenomenal woman and orator Mya Angelou to the former first lady Michelle Obama. From former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to media mogul and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey and Debra Lee, Ceo of Black Entertainment Televison. Tracy Edmonds, founder of Edmonds Entertainment and Tyra Banks, entreprenuer and visionary behind Bankable Enterprises' ANTM franchise. From the late Whitney Houston, rap icon Queen Latifa, and award-winning screen queen Angela Bassett to soul songstresses Monica, Fantasia, and Cherine Anderson. From the women serving on the battle fields to those leading in our homes, churches, schools, hospitals, courtrooms, and our communities. We are determined. We are intelligent. We are talented. We deserve all of our successes and adoration. We've definitely put in the work!