Here it is succinctly (though not very brief) -
We're in the business of exposure. There are over 300 million people residing in the United States, over 500 million in North America, and as of 2011, 857 million in Europe. That's lot of damned people, especially when you're considering branding and building a consumer base for your product.

About 20 years ago, a man or shall I say a genius named Tim, introduced us to the 3 W's which has definitely enabled us to reach beyond all physical boundaries. Information is literally a click away.

So we have this powerful tool with a major draw back - us! As consumers we still demonstrate a lack of knowledge about the power of the web and/or use of the internet. We get it, but we don't have it, feel me. For us to gain the most benefit from this mammoth, we have to think of ourselves as a global system of interconnected networks (human internet) and the information we're dispersing as a service we're passing along (web).

Beyond that, we have to understand that because of the vastness of the web, for every piece of information we pass along, there's so much more being disregarded. That's where we, the networks, come into play.

Think about this, on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines there's different information or variations of the information available on each, but if we're only using one - we'll never know that. We've got to be more purposeful in sharing our information. We must acknowledge that what's 'old to us' may be brand new to others or vice versa.

All that to say this - as far as industry, bad music has a shelf life - good music transcends time and unreleased music is as good as new. Hear this, when I post a mixtape or a social network that promotes music it's because I find value in the product. My perspective is - hey, I'm feeling this and I'm gonna share this and maybe when I share it - I might be introducing it to someone else and/or I may sway someone's opinion regarding how they initially felt about the product.

Just sharing my thoughts...

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