Embattled Dancehall Superstar, Vybz Kartel, is donating computers to local highschools in Portmore. The official VK Line, the Djs, apparel brand, has committed to donating at least one computer to each school in the area including Ascot High School, Cumberland High, Bridgeport High School, Waterford High School, and Greater Portmore High School. This move is a part of the organization's Gaza Education and Literacy (GEL) initiative. The goal of the initiative is to assist in increasing literacy skills in the youth of Portmore beginning with computer literacy. "Increased computer literacy should also aid in improving other areas of literacy as it increases access to information's" states Shona-Lee S. Thompson, brand manager for Official VK Line. The company has also indicated a desire to extend their partnership into the future, offering assistance beyond the schools to the wider Portmore community.

The VK Line is set to be officially launched in the near future. The apparel line will feature male and female tops, shorts, and footwear in addition to other articles of clothing. Representatives of VK state that it's a brand that ghetto youth can feel is their own, no longer be forced to support billionaires they don't and can't identify with. The brand's tagline is "from Portmore to the world."