The internet's in an uproar over the "leaked" Tay-Ye video tape. We know there's been all sorts of tension between the two since 2009, y'all recall Tay's climatic moment being interrupted by Ye's intoxicated rant, but we had no idea how heated things had gotten, especially in the wake of their very publicized attempt to "kiss and make up."

Well, seems Yeh recorded he and Tay talking about some very provocative things without her consent. The conversation remained "secret" until it was leaked by an individual who, ironically, was made famous by another controversial video tape. Tay's camp is saying the video is defaming and should be destroyed. Ye's folks insist the recording was consensual. After reviewing the footage, it sounded as if Tay was "okay" with being the object of Ye's desire, but she's definitely not okay with being his bitch! Looks like Tay is getting serious and getting "the man" involved. Yeh, I hate to be the one to say it, but you may have to hock a couple pair of dem Yeezy's to pay for this "pillow talk."

Only Yeh understands his obsession with Tay and she her need for these sporadic dangerous liaisons with Yeh, but if they're gonna continue I suggest they proceed with caution and protect themselves.  "Either it's going to be forever or it's going to go down in flames..."