In the wake of his ostracizing from the NFL, star quarterback and social activist Colin Kaepernick, founded the Know Your Rights Camp, a camp dedicated to educating youth, preserving communities, and fighting social injustice. He also pledged one million dollars to organizations with a similar purpose.
For the majority of 2017, Colin donated his time and (his own) money supporting organizations that focused on empowering the members of often forgotten communities. With the aid of fellow athletes and entertainers, Colin recently completed his million dollar pledge. Mr. Kaepernick, we salute you for your selflessness and your commitment to educating our youth and bettering our communities. You sir, are the epitome of #blackexcellence. You have demonstrated what a (hu)man can do when he yields to his purpose. Thank you for your integrity. Thank you for seeing beauty in the ashes. Thank you for standing tall in the gap amongst those who chose to remain seated. #10for10 #knowyourrights #knowyourrightscamp #GQCitizenoftheyear via Instagram