Written by: Lesley Hayles 
Freelance Writer 
Bashment Sessions Magazine 

[Kingston, Jamaica – May 1st, 2019] Jamaican Reggae Artist, Medician, has stated claims to the media that he was robbed by another artist pretending to be his real friend. 

Allegedly, an artist who goes by the name, Brave One, kept “borrowing” money from Medician several times since 2017 but has not once shown any effort to repay these loans and has even ran off overseas with the funds. 

Reportedly, the amount totals over $700,000 in Jamaican currency. Via Medician’s PR, Lesley Hayles, the artist has said that he has been sequentially withdrawing money from his bank account for months to assist Brave One with what was claimed to be for child maintenance. 

Speculations are that Brave One is very adamant about his unwillingness to repay the loan and has even “ran off” to the United States with no intentions of returning or sending any funds back to Medician. 

“Brave One run off wid mi money, gone a foreign an call mi an a 
tell me seh mi nah get back mi money,” stated a frustrated 

When faced with denials of those around him, Medician states he has WhatsApp voice notes as proof of the back and forth conversations between the two artists. Even violent threats were made. 

“Mi mek sure have di proof in case anything happen to me caw mi know how people stay. But at di end a di day, people might have ulterior motives an anyone a wi liable fi get hurt. We think dem real an dem nuh real. Look wah “fren” do to Nipsey Hustle. Look wah Judas to do Jesus. Who is me to dem people deh?” 

Medician has released “Fake Friend” to much fanfare. It has already received heavy rotation on Irie FM and Suncity FM. It is featured on the Old Memories Riddim, which was produced by DJ Goffe on his DJ Goffe Productionz label.

The song has sparked speculations from not only his colleagues in the music business but also from the media as well. When asked why he wrote and released the song at this time, he states: 

So what else me fi do? Me a artist, him a artist an me know any 
other artist would do the same. We express wi self through our 
music. Me can’t find him an tek back mi money so mi just go in a 
di voicing booth an pour mi soul out onto the track. There’s nothing 
else to do except watch an see how fi him obstacle wah him throw 
at me is just a stepping block to my success.” 

The song can be heard on his Vevo channel here: as well as his previously released tracks. Medician was recently featured in the Jamaica Star here: and fans can always turn to iTunes here: for purchasing the track and others

Medician is always working on new music and doing several small shows islandwide. Contact Lesley Hayles at or email her at for interviews and bookings.