Jinyus Assures Women They Are “Perfect” Just The Way They Are

On the heels of success of his last EP, Yuh Zimi, Jinyus is now promoting a second single from the EP, a song called “Perfect”. Produced by KwanKussion Records and KLJ Production, the song itself encourages females to love and be themselves the way they are naturally.

In a time where women feel the need for additions, make-up, and to “do up” themselves with surgery being the norm now, “Perfect” is saying that all that is not necessary. The message behind the song, the production and the whole coming-together of it has Jinyus believing that a song like this is needed in these frenzied days.

Self-love is needed at a time like now. Ladies don’t have to try to fix up themselves to please anyone or seek any validation from anyone and if they are fixing up themselves, it [should be] for pleasing themselves, to make themselves feel good but they don’t need it. They are “Perfect”! And God made them “Perfect” the way they are,” Jinyus explained.

It’s a nice song with a nice message, “Perfect” is everyone’s favorite track from the EP. The Yuh Zimi EP features 2 Reggae tracks, 2 Dancehall and then “Perfect” for the ladies ties everything together. It almost didn’t make the cut either as Kwan from KwanKussion Records and Jinyus himself spent time on the track, going back and forth on what it should sound like and voicing it 3 times before settling on the final product. It definitely wasn’t rushed, making “Perfect” perfect!

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