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The World MeetsH I T M A K E R

Hitmaker is a Jamaican music executive and producer who has made a significant impact in the Dancehall industry. He is particularly known for the Seduction Riddim, which features popular songs such as "Bring Life" by Kalado and "Apartment" by Demarco. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Hitmaker believes that he has cemented his name and is still working hard to reach the highest point of his career.

Born Kedon Whyte, Hitmaker attended Donald Quarrie High School before matriculating to Excelsior Community College and later the School of Studio Engineering. He founded his own record label, Hitmaker Muzik, in 2009 and released his first track, "Nuh Fren" shortly after. Hitmaker has since worked with many industry standouts such as Masicka, Ishawna, Konshens, Spice, Chris Martin, Vershon and more. His other popular singles include "9 Months", "Body Calling" and "Dah Look Deh".

Hitmaker is passionate about creating a space for emerging artists and is currently working on collaborations to help his co-workers, especially the young and up-and-coming. He believes that there is a lack of professionalism, financing and trust in the process within the industry that is stalling its progress. Hitmaker also expressed an interest in music branding and marketing, though he has yet to officially take on this title.

Overall, Hitmaker's impact on the Dancehall industry cannot be ignored. His music and contributions have left a lasting impression, and his dedication to helping emerging artists ensures that his influence will continue to be felt in the years to come.

Reflecting on Hitmaker’s success on the music scene, Konshens, who worked with Hitmaker said, "Working with Hitmaker was an incredible experience. His professionalism and work ethic were outstanding, and his passion for creating great music was infectious. He has a unique ability to bring out the best in artists and create hit songs that resonate with audiences. It was an honour to collaborate with him, and I look forward to future projects together."

Despite facing many challenges in the industry, Hitmaker reflected on his journey so far in sit down interview with Splash Magazine where he said, "The journey in music is bittersweet, I must say. I had great moments that became a classic in music, and I had not-so-great moments, and the journey never stops. [I'm] still working hard to reach the highest point — the vertex!"

Contributed by: Lesley Hayles