Valiant Creates A “Vibe Szn” 

With New Heat For The Summer

By Lesley Hayles 
May 3, 2023

With his raw lyrics and melodic delivery, Valiant has been making waves on the music scene over the past year, having his songs charting on multiple platforms simultaneously. Keeping his fans buzzing with excitement by using the hottest slangs from Jamaica, memorable performances worldwide and delivering intricate lyrical content, Valiant’s talent has exceeded far beyond the expectations of many in Dancehall. His music has a unique sound that blends elements of Dancehall and Reggae with a bit of Trap and other international genres, creating a fresh and exhilarating style that has caught the attention of millions around the world. Valiant’s Diplomats Records has created a string of hits thus far and this latest release, "Vibe Szn" produced by Nigerian-American Grammy member TvchPoint, is set to be another hit among his ever-growing catalog.

Valiant delivers an irresistible melodic groove that listeners can't help but catch an instant vibe to his silky smooth voiceFemale fans, in particular, will be drawn to “Vibe Szn” because of how he seductively speaks directly to them throughout the song withsensual lyrics. TvchPoint's selective use of instruments throughout the track creates the catchy beat that is sure to get everyone dancing and singing along. The remarkable production skills make the track a true masterpiece that showcases Valiant's dynamic talent and creativity. "Vibe Szn" is a sure Dancehall anthem for all the ladies out there.

Valiant is not just an artist who creates great music, but he's also someone who has a strong sense of purpose. He is committed to using his music as a platform to create positive change in his community and his country at large. In addition to his music, Valiant is also passionate about giving back to his community in Jamaica. He has been known to show up on bustling Kingston street corners, park his car and proceed to hand out money to children on their way home from school.

Valiant's increasing fan base and critical acclaim are proof that he's on the path to becoming a household name. He has been praised by music critics and industry insiders alike for his ability to infuse his music with both passion and purpose, easily earning him the respect of his peers in the industry.

Officially released on March 27, "Vibe Szn" seems to be Valiant's introduction to multi-genre and non-Dancehall international disc jockeys stateside. “Vibe Szn” is now available on all digital platforms, where fans can stream and/or purchase and add it to their favorite playlists today. The track is an extension of consistent chart-toppers from Valiant, as he continues to push boundaries and create music that resonates with his fans, old and new, worldwide.

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