Jinyus makes “Bare Noise” breaking into Top 5 on US iTunes Reggae Singles Chart for the first time

By Lesley Hayles
July 24, 2023

Recording Dancehall artiste, Jinyus, has finally hit it big on the US iTunes Reggae Singles Chart. His latest release, “Bare Noise” broke into the top 5 over the weekend, an unknown territory for Jinyus but a welcomed placement.

The song, “Bare Noise”, is on the Frsh Drop Riddim produced by Banga House MG and Crash Dummy Production. It originally features a track by Aidonia of the same name along with the likes of Ding Dong, Kraff and Govana. For “Bare Noise”, Jinyus teamed up with BRT Weekend Touring and the original producers. Popular New York disc jockey, Markus from Platinum Kids, is also a part of this production. It debuted at number 33 on the charts and quickly climbed to number 4 since its release date on Saturday, July 22, 2023.

The success of “Bare Noise” in such a short time could be credited to the fact that a sped up version of the song was released online a month prior (June 17) to the original single and went viral from a series of dance challenges on TikTok. With “Bare Noise” gaining so much traction, it has also forced the Speed Up version to move into the top 200 charts and peaking at number 102.

Jinyus, who is based in the US, is a Portmore native and carrying his lyrical prowess to the masses worldwide. “Bare Noise” might very well be the song to propel him to the next level.