Let me start by saying that I am a fan of many Caribbean artists that are being heavily scrutinized about the content of their lyrics. Initially I was upset by the accusations that many private interests groups were placing against the artists. My disappointment forced me to take a deeper look into the claims. I began my research, reading article after article, watching one documentary after the other about issues plaguing our communities (homosexuality, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.). I was sympathetic; however, the issue didn't really hit home until I had a personal experience.
The experience I had evoked a strong sense of anger. I realized this is much bigger than music. I couldn't understand how people are apprehensive to receive health care and live in fear of leading their lives because of another man's hatred. You may say I'm naive and I guess in some aspect I may be in regards to cultural differences, but I am well aware of basic human rights. I am not applauding the methods that the special interest groups are using to eliminate social biases. After all the music being produced is a reflection of the social deterioration occurring around us. I am saying the music/ lyrics should prompt us all to take a closer look around our communities and pay attention to the denigration occurring to our youth, our young women, our young men, our families, and our close friends. It's not happening over there anymore. It's right at our front doors!
Questions for us to ponder:
When will people realize the social, economical, and emotional ramifications their actions are have on their communities and more importantly, human life?
Is there a dividing line between personal convictions and social consciousness?
Do we all have a right to live our lives free of persecution from our peers?

There is enough violence in the world. Let's stop attacking each other. Let's find a solution. Let's do something different!