Do you remember the 1988 film School Daze written and directed by the great Spike Lee? In the climactic scene of the film Laurence Fishburn's character "Dap" screams at the top of his lungs "WAKE UP!" It was a warning to students who basically had been walking around a college campus with blinders on. Doing what they wanted to do and saying what they wanted to say without any regard to who they were offending or neglecting. What's going on in our society today, particularly the entertainment industry, mirrors the plot of that film. Entertainers being arrested on a regular basis, they're making overtly offensive music, and record companies are exploiting young, talented artists for the fast buck (artists only recouping a small percentage) and everyone seems oblivious to the consequences. It has gone far beyond entertainment.

The industry is becoming a big joke. Record sales are dropping, digital downloads are slowing down, and concert attendance is less than impressive. No one is willing to admit that the behaviors of the aforementioned are negatively impacting the industry. Blame it on the economy, pirating, or the talent, but whatever you do, don't blame it on our etiquette. I would like to think that we are going to rediscover our love for music. I would love to believe that taste makers and artists are going to show respect for the other and establish mutual ground in regards to negotiations. I am hoping that A&R for major labels will reach out to individuals who have genuine passion for the art and together they work to preserve the integrity of the business. Am I hoping for the impossible?

I'd like to go on record stating that I will not promote music that perpetrates fuckery! Artists go back to making real, good music, DJs go back to playing real, good music, and labels please go back to promoting your artists! A&R stay involved. Show your artists you care for them as much and even more than their earning power. If the impossible becomes the inevitable, we can get this juggernaut back on track.