2012 is proving to be a banner year for Reggae and Dancehall on Billboard's charts. Newer artists are finding their way to the coveted spot and staying. So we've gathered some friends who are no strangers to Billboard to say Welcome to the Top, feels good don't it!

Reggae and Dancehall Artists and Billboard Through the Years

(1964) Mille Small, Island Records recording artist, charted with her cover of "My Boy Lollipop" hit #2 on Billboard charts - it has sold more than six million copies.

(1971) "Double Barrel," recorded by David Barker, hit #22 on Billboard's charts

(1974) "Kung Fu Fighting," recorded by Jamaican artist Carl Douglas, hit #1 on Billboard's Top 100 charts and has sold more than 11 million copies

(1993) Snow's "Informer" hits #1 on Billboard charts and stays there for seven weeks. The single has sold more than one million copies

(1994) "Here comes the Hot Stepper" by Ini Kamozi hits Billboard's charts

(1995) Diana King's "Shy Guy" ranked on several Billboard's charts including Top 100, Dance, R&B, and Rhythmic. It was also ft. on the soundtrack for the film Bad Boys - More Diana King ->

(1995) Shabba Ranks The Jam ft. KRS-1 hits #1 on Billboard's charts - More on Shabba ->

(1995) "BoomBastic," by Shaggy is ranked number three on Billboard's charts - (Shaggy has become a mainstay on the charts)
Beenie Man - 9 Charts Billboard's charts with several hits including 1997's "Dancehall Queen," 1998's "Who Am I," 2000's "Gal Dem Sugar," " 2002's "Feel it Boy" 2004's "King of the Dancehall."
Billboard 200 charts - 1998's "Many Moods of Moses," 2000's "Art and Life," 2002's "Tropical Storm," 2004's "Back to Basics," 2006's "Undisputed."
R&B/Hip-Hop Songs - "Slam," "Fresh From Yard," "Tell Me," "Hmm, Hmm."
R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart - "The Doctor" and "Benie Man."
Rap Songs Chart - "Dude " & "Feel It Boy"
Radio Songs Chart

Bounty Killa - 5 ChartsHot 100 - "Deadly Zone"
Billboard 200 - "My Xperience"
R&B/Hip-Hop Songs - "Deadly Zone" & "P.S.A B.K" ft. Jay Z"
R&B/Hip-Hop Albums - "My Xperience," "Next Millenium,"
Reggae Albums - "The Fifth Element," "Ghetto Dictionary,"Nah No Mercy," "Bounty Killa," "My Xperience"

Lady Saw - 3 ChartsR&B/Hip-Hop Songs - "I Got Your Man" & "Son of a Bitch"
R&B/Hip-Hop Albums - "Strip Tease"
Reggae Albums - "Passion," "Walk Out," "99 Ways," & "Strip Tease"

Patra - 6 ChartsHot 100 - "Worker Man, "Romantic Call," "Pull Up to my Bumper," "Scent of Attraction"
Billboard 200 - "Queen of the Pack" & "Scent of Attraction"
R&B/Hip-Hop Songs - "Worker Man, "Romantic Call," "Pull Up to my Bumper," "Scent of Attraction" & "Think About It"
R&B/Hip-hop Albums - "Queen of the Pack" & "Scent of Attraction"
Dance/Club Play - "Worker Man, "Romantic Call," & "Pull Up to my Bumper,"
Reggae Albums - "Queen of the Pack" & "Scent of Attraction"

Shaggy - 15 ChartsHot 100 - "It Wasn't Me," "Angel," "Boombastic/Summertime," "Oh, Carolina," "Piece of My Heart," & "Love Me, Love Me,"
BillBoard 200 - Hot Shot, Lucky Day, Boombastic, Shaggy 2 Dope, Shaggy, Clothes Drop, & Hot Shot Ultra MixR&B/Hip-Hop Songs - "It Wasn't Me," "Angel," "Boombastic/Summertime," "Why You Treat Me So Bad," "Piece of My Heart," & "Hey Sexy Lady"
R&B/Hip-Hop Albums - Hot Shot, Lucky Day, Boombastic, Shaggy 2 Dope, Shaggy, Clothes Drop, Hot Shot Ultra Mix, & Midnite Lover
Pop Songs - "It Wasn't Me," "Angel," "Love Me, Love Me," "Dance," 'Freaky Girl," & "Scent of a Woman"
Radio Songs - "It Wasn't Me," "Angel," "Love Me, Love Me," "Boombastic," & "Oh, Carolina"
Rap Albums - Clothes Drop
Alternative Songs - "Oh, Carolina"
Latin Pop Songs - "It Wasn't Me," & "Angel"
European Hot - "Fly High," Wild 2Nite," & "Feel the Rush"
Canadian Albums - Hot Shot & Lucky DayAdult Pop - "Angel"
Reggae Albums - Intoxication, Summer in Kingston, Mr. Lover, Lover: The Best of Shaggy, The Best of Shaggy, Pure Pleasure, Hot Shot, Lucky Day, Boombastic, Shaggy, Clothes Drop, & Midnite LoverAOL Video - "It Wasn't Me"
Yahoo Video - "Sugarcane"

Bob Marley -

Jimmy Cliff - 7 Charts ->

Black Uhuru - 3 Charts ->

Sean Paul - 23 Charts - >

*Information courtesy of Billboard
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