As I write this review/revelation of "Marley: The Documentary," I'm conflicted. I feel in some way deprived that I wasn't getting the full Bob Marley, but parts of him carefully pieced together to create a larger than life illusion and yet, I'm elated that I was apart of something like this; something so amazing.

Like a great deal of the world, I am connected to the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley through his music (I have an extensive collection), but seeing him move and articulate on the screen was different. It was like meeting my soul mate for the first time.

I feel more connected to him than before, connected to his musical message. I understand now with my adult mind. I see with my adult eyes. I understand now why he is so important to the culture. I can understand now when I hear artists refer to their experiences in Tuff Gong Studio as a spiritual enlightenment. It's because he's dwelling there in the midst, protecting the authenticity of the music.

The documentary was that for me. It was enlightening. I felt the same feelings as Bunny Wailer and Lee "Scratch" Perry when they spoke about Bob. I felt his presence, his charisma. It was a bit overwhelming.

Director Kevin Macdonald resurrected Bob Marley. He manipulated stills and brought them to life. He revealed his existence real and true. He portrayed Bob's Jamaica to be a place we want to be apart of. He made the audience eager to visit 56 Hope Road (frequent cheers and claps). From the instant I saw it, I wanted to be apart of that magic, that legacy.

The film depicted a very humanistic side of Bob Marley. He was a living breathing individual with flaws and all. In contrast, I was able to see his 'supernatural' strengths. It took a lot of sacrifice to do what Bob did, his willingness to take risks, his reckless abandon of himself for what he believed in. He was never afraid. He discovered his purpose and his willingness to be a sacrifice for the purpose made him great.

The Most High says, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me." I feel Bob had an over standing of what that meant and why people were drawn to his music. He understood how to take the feelings inside of him and transport them into music and make it beautiful for everybody to relate to it. I can relate. It's an awesome revelation to know what he means when he sings, "Could you be love and be loved."

"Marley" premieres in theaters 4/20/2012.

Now apart of VH1's Rock Docs Series and available on BlueRay & DVD (Magnolia Pictures)