Bashment Sessions Magazine - "Life is Good" - Nas - Review

Nas is a connoisseur of music and to his credit he is regarded as one of the most prolific rap artists of our generation. "Life is Good," his 10th Lp, can be regarded as a musical memoir - an ode to all things that define the Illmatic one. This eclectic collection details the contrasting tales of Nasir Jones. R&B, Rap, Soul, and Jazz underline the intricacies of his experiences and with the support of stellar producers including Salaam Remi, No I.D, and Rodney Jerkins, he is able to articulate them unapologetically and with confidence.

The 'nasty' one who once proclaimed that hip hop was dead and teased the degrading moniker 'nigger' as an album title, has transitioned from such simple phrases to eloquent verse with little stammering or missteps. He asserts "They think it's just music still/well I am a graphic classic song composer" and who's disputing the claim? As you delve deeper into "Life is Good" it's evident that no matter the content or context he's lyrically refined. Nas revels in some fantasy "send a massive email to the females/tell em' where to meet us/give em' the details." He dwells in reality as well, "I remember early morning syrup sandwiches and sugar water/walking up dark stair wells/elevators was out of order."

"Life is Good" is an intimate interpretation of Nas's journey through his world of Hip Hop.


"When you too hood to be in them Hollywood circles and you too rich to be in that hood that birthed you"

"I'm not a wack performer standing by a corny hype man/I got the Don in me/I'm here to enlighten"

"Check out the oracle bread from city housing - Nas!"

"I used to listen to that Red Alert and Rap Attack/ I fell in love with all that poetry/I mastered that"

I describe it/hope you can visualize it/this is reminiscing to all the parks and projects"

"My success symbolizes loyalty great friends, dedication, hard work, routine builds character/in a world full of snakes, rats, and scavengers"

"Can see myself at presidential campaign dinners/but I'm passing blunts around a bunch of gang members"

"Life becomes clearer when you wipe down your mirror/and leave notes around for yourself to remember"

He is Nas - Still Matic!

Stand out tracks:

Reach Out
Back When
Cherry Wine