These lyrics have the power to make us forget all about the lover's quarrel and skip right to the make-up sex! Cooyah:

Dennis Brown - Have you Ever Been in Love: "I need my love and I need my squeezin'/ need my lovin all night long..."

Buju Banton - Love Sponge: "Your lovable, kissable, desire the inevitable/without your sweet caress I'm so damn miserable/touch your finess, feel the fur of your coat/seen you walk away saying my eyes in smoke..."

Shabba Ranks ft. Johnny Gill - Slow and Sexy: "Sensuous Emotion they're getting my attention/staring up easy/ to find the right position..."

Damian Marley ft. Bobby Brown - Beautiful: "Now it typically became an everyday thing/ regularly, physically communicating/ sexually, scientifically penetrating/until she start spiritually resonating..."

Tarrus Riley - Superman: "Feel butterflies when I'm in your hands/you can turn the the pavement into white sand/you can make a moment a memory in a glance/ and I can't believe anyone else..."

Sizzla - Give me a Try: "Where do you go don't you need my love baby/ why don't you come on and let us play/when are you gonna come my way..."

Cherine Anderson -Hey Baby: "The zone is clear, put it in fifth gear/Baby please take me there/ I'm breaking sweat thinking bout' this/ addicted to your love..."

Ok, ok enough - stay tuned - it's getting heated in here...