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A’Legends Boss Jenelle Alexia Hits #10 on 

Apple Books Kids Chart with 2nd Book, 

Keira Discovers Her Talent

Written by Lesley Hayles
March 22, 2023

Philadelphia-based entrepreneur Jenelle Alexia is ecstatic after receiving word that her second book, a children’s book titled Keira Discovers Her Talent, made it to number 10 on the Apple Books Kids Chart. Keira Discovers Her Talent was officially released on January 1, 2023 and was made available for purchase as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Goodreads and other online bookstores. Jenelle Alexia also has physical copies for sale and in New Jersey’s Culture Rocks clothing store along with her A’Legends fashion line. However, it wasn’t until it hit the Apple Books store on March 12, 2023 that it really made any headway as it shot up the charts in only a week making it to number 10 by March 22.

The American, who is of Jamaican decent, is reveling in glory with this recent achievement. Already successful in her clothing line, A’Legends, as famous dancehall artistes such as Xyclone, Vershon, Ding Dong and Delly Ranx, have been endorsing her brand for years. Her first book, A’Legends Pressure, also did fairly well upon its release but not as much as Keira Discovers Her Talent is doing currently. 

This children’s book is somewhat based on Jenelle Alexia’s own life story, about how she grew up wanting to be a fashion designer and going on to having a fashion show, which she officially did in December 2022 called The Hidden Treasure Fashion Show. Xyclone performed while Vershon and Delly Ranx were in attendance supporting this amazing soul.

Jenelle Alexia is hoping that Keira Discovers Her Talent makes it to the number one spot but is still grateful it even broke into the top ten and that people are actually buying the book for their children. Plans are in the making alongside her PR agent, Lesley Hayles of Ejor Media Group, for a book tour in various schools, book and stationery stores across Jamaica. She is also opening an A’Legends boutique in Kingston, Jamaica and is seriously considering to start a “Keira” series of books. Though done in a kid’s format, it is a motivational book that encourages children and parents alike to follow your dreams and never give up on your future. It can also be used as a tool for teachers in any classroom.

Stay tuned to Jenelle Alexia’s Instagram pages for constant updates on what she’s got going on.

To be a part of the book tour, contact Lesley Hayles on Instagram @lesleyodyssey for more information.

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