Mzs Quanny drops new music that will “Last Forever”

Written by Lesley Hayles
April 12, 2023

Philadelphia native, Mzs Quanny, has been silent on the music scene for a minute due to her taking some time off to finish school but she never stopped writing. The songstress, who is of St Kittitian and Jamaican backgrounds, lives for the music and intends on doing music that will “Last Forever”. 

This new track, “Last Forever”, can be easily mixed in with Rihanna’s “Unfaithful” hit. However, Mzs Quanny’s version has more pop and bass line fused in and she openly accepts the comparison and familiarity to the Bajan Princess. 

I welcome the similarities of the tracks. I don’t mind the familiarity,” Mzs Quanny said smilingly.

Last Forever” was produced by PinkLane Project annd Jusa Dementor, who have worked with Sean Paul. Released officially on April 7, 2023 under her manager’s label, Megatron Muzik Group, “Last Forever” is a Pop track from Mzs Quanny’s forthcoming second album, “Fazed & Confused”, which she hopes will be out before summer. 

The album is still in the works. I have to make it perfect or close to perfect. Perfect is always my preference.”

Mzs Quanny the perfectionist continued to say that her team still has a few more songs needed to make this album something special, hopefully including a Spanish track from Lesley Hayles Music and is working diligently to make it one for the ages. The expectation is to see it debut at number one on iTunes once it drops. 

For now though, “Last Forever” is the focus as it racks up over 3,000 views on YouTube since the audio upload on April 4. Mzs Quanny in collaboration with her PR agent, Lesley Hayles, is amping up promotions on the single especially in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean, getting as much spins on radio as possible worldwide and support on streaming services. The goal is to reach every ear and to make it all the way up the charts.

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