Stepp_God “Chosen” in Top 10 on iTunes Reggae Chart

[By Lesley Hayles – September 26, 2023]

Brooklyn-born Dancehall/Hip-Hop fusion recording artiste, Stepp_God, is stepping his way up the US iTunes Reggae Chart with “Chosen”. The track, produced by his label Stepplyfe Records, is a Reggae track infused with Rock melodies. 

Originally released on October 9, 2022 in the Rock genre, Stepp_God initially used this strategy to market himself as a multi-genre musician in order to see which would be best to randomly pick up on his music and provide support.

It’s a harder genre to get placed but it was all a learning process for me,” he stated.

After deciding to re-release “Chosen” as a Reggae song in September 2023, it debuted at number 16. Now, it has peaked at number 6 as of the writing of this piece. The feeling, Stepp_God describes as “a rising energy I appreciate the evidence of work coming back to me full circle. I never expected my song to chart but I look forward to bringing more music that will grab the attention and audience I need to spread my message, which is love.”

The thought process going into the making of “Chosen” was a very reflective one for Stepp_God at the time. His mindset was at a point where he was paying attention to the things that needed to be changed. 

I was giving more than I was receiving and it became evident so I wrote about my relationship at the time and the friends I felt were just users in past situations.”

Therefore, “Chosen” is a real time experience and a combination of emotions that were birthed from his own meditations at that very moment in his life.

Stepp_God is of Jamaican heritage but developed his style through the different cultures of all Caribbean people. He and a friend created Stepplyfe together, as both were ambitious with the mindset to travel and make every stop their home. Some are known to call themselves ‘steppahs’ but he went the extra mile and made an acronym for his stage name and record label. 

I developed the acronym which my friend just wanted the name for a clothing brand and I would go along and make the record label, Stepplyfe Records. So as I had the name of the company, I have yet decided my artist name and what it would become. My friend developed the name ‘Top Steppah’.” He then decided to call himself ‘Stepp_God’ and also embraced the acronym: Striving Through Every Position Possible_Good Over Demons or God over Devil. “I added the underscore as a way to be different and easier to find me on all platforms,” he continued.

Stepplyfe Records is his label which he plans to bring to the world on an international level. Stepp_God has recorded many genres throughout his career but stated that Reggae, Dancehall and Hip-Hop are his true passions. 
Furthermore, I think music is becoming a splice of everything so open your mind and listen to the messages within the music. Connect with what connects with you in your moment.”

Stepp_God released a Hip-Hop/Country song called “Kountry Roads” on January 23, 2023. The collaboration was superb, however, he feels the song hasn’t gotten to the right ears yet and will therefore come up with a marketing strategy soon to push the track in a proper way.

At the moment, Stepp_God is set to release his newest single, “Rize”, at the beginning of October with a video to accompany it. He will also be in Jamaica to shoot 2 other music videos. Stepp_God is finishing up a recording and video with the legendary Horace Andy for a remake of his hit single “Skylarking”.

There are plans in place for a few shows he will be putting together to promote his new music in the near future as well as performances lined up in the US. With his hypnotic flows and Reggae roots, he is definitely an artiste to keep on the lookout for.