The BIography of TaJJI

Written by Lesley Hayles
[Kingston, Jamaica – November 7, 2023]

Maurice Cooper, who goes by the moniker “Tajji”, was born in Kingston, Jamaica and grew in a garrison called Dunkirk in East Kingston on November 30. He attended the Hope Valley Experimental, Excelsior High and Dunoon Technical High schools.

Tajji realized he wanted to be an artist while still in the 10th grade at Dunoon. Dancehall phenoms, Spragga Benz and Assassin, also known as Agent Sasco, were based in his community at the time and he began hanging around them. This connection motivated Tajji to start pursuing music as he felt like he had a message and voice to share plus writing skills that came easily to him. “It was my comfort zone,” says Tajji. Bounty Killa is also a part of his musical influences. 

A song called “Top A Wi Game”, produced by Redboom Supamix Productions, was his first official recording released in 2010. Tajji says he has been in the studio long before recording that song and even used to walk or take the bus to the studio if he wasn’t with Spragga or RedSquare Crew. 

I would leave school and go to the studios just to be in that environment even if I wasn’t recording. Spragga told me to try and stay in that environment where creativity and opportunities can be open. So, I always wanted to be in that space.”

Since then, Tajji has worked with Frenz For Real Music, LMR Pro Productions, Konshens as both an artist and producer under his Subkonshus Music label, RedSquare Productions, Gourzong Muziq Production, Nolanding Music, Marvoni Records and so much more. 

I like working with most of those [I’ve] named but I think it’s a chemistry with Redboom that makes music easier and more joyful and he gets the best out of most people he works with.” Tajji would like to work with a plethora of others in the industry but sums it up to any credible producer who knows music and how to make hits.

Currently, Tajji is still promoting his latest single, “Real”, which was produced by himself and his business partner under their TopKnotch Messi’jah Music label. It was a collaborative effort on all fronts alongside Marvoni Records in production and Navino as a featured artist. “Real” was officially released on June 28, 2023; the music video was uploaded on YouTube November 1st. Created by Vizualty and directed by Adnan, the video was distributed by MarvMent and is a true definition of high quality that is very pleasing to the eyes. Tajji is also working on singles for an upcoming EP that he’s hoping to drop in the first quarter of 2024. Always writing and recording new music and coming up with ideas of a fresh presentation of his brand, Tajji has other singles that will be out by early next year before the EP drops.

With sights set on accomplishing the goal of getting his message spread to all parts of the world, the listening ears and hearts of people from every nation and to solidify his name in music, Tajji is surely on the right path. He wants to share the lessons of life whether good or bad, happy or sad, reality and consciousness on Dancehall or Reggae beats, and awareness to fellow artists too.

Dancehall and Reggae are his preferred genres of choice. However, Tajji also likes Trap and fusing other sounds depending on his mood, how the beat is produced and the vibe of the sound.

The feedback has been very good, giving the feeling that it’s Tajji’s best work thus far. The independent artist says it’s been a journey of good and bad moments, many ups and downs. The negative comments or situations are usually from the politics of the business and the biases from both inside and outside the industry. The biggest challenge is for the people recognizing the talent and for him to get that elusive, but inevitable, break. Now based in California after migrating in 2015, Tajji is stepping out from the shadows to claim a top spot in Dancehall.